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An english guide for Saint-Antonin

A fascinating history of Saint-Antonin with 3 guided walks to 40+points of interest
Travel 900 years back in time.
Discover on foot the town’s remarkable medieval features. From Roman times to the 20th century, Saint-Antonin was witness to religious upheaval, devastating wars, outbreaks of plague, boom and bust in local industry and agriculture. Its rich heritage is still visible in its twisting alleyways and fine architecture spanning more than nine centuries of history. An invaluable guide to a unique to a unique town.


04 Introduction

08 The Setting

 10 History

The Walks

22 A/ Foyt.

36 B/ Bocaria and Roquescaliere.

50 C/ Abbey and Bessarel.

Features of the Town

60 Fortifications

61 Water channels

62 Railway

63 Floods

64 Cloth

65 The Maison Romane sculptures

68 Stained glass in the church

69 Plants in the town

70 Phosphate


71 Building materials

76 Building terms

78 Main sources